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Domestic Violence or Assault Charges in Columbus, OH


A record of domestic violence or assault charges in Columbus, OH, could result in a jail term and heavy fines, leading to the end of rights that many of us take for granted, just to name a few:

  • owning a firearm
  • enjoying visitation rights with children after a divorce
  • maintaining stable immigration status

With stakes this high, your criminal defense representation should be experienced, effective and aggressive in defense of your rights. I want to be that criminal defense and trial attorney for you. I am John H. Bates, founder of the John H. Bates Attorney At Law firm in Columbus.

Since 1993, I have guided many wrongly accused Central Ohio criminal defendant clients past legal crises like these. My track record of success was built on the insightful investigation, skillful plea bargaining with prosecutors, and aggressive litigation against them in court, if necessary.

Civil Protection Order (CPO) Representation

I provide representation for parties involved in a CPO related to domestic assault. My services include representing petitioners who are seeking a CPO as well as representing respondents who are against the imposition of a CPO as contained in Ohio Revised Code Sections 2903.214 and 3113.31.

Sex Crime Legal Representation

Was your domestic violence charge related to a sex crime? If so, you may also run the risk of permanent, mandatory sex registration if found guilty. This turn of events would seriously impair all efforts to start a new life upon your return to society, damaging prospects for employment, housing, credit applications and security status.

Turn your life in a positive direction by contacting me for an initial consultation. Reach my law office by phone at 614-221-3630 or by email message.